It’s Time to Talk About the Graduate Blues


The final months of University are a whirlwind. Final exams, dissertation hand ins and graduation ceremonies take over our lives and leave us with little time to consider the future. But no one really talks about what comes next. At first glance this might seem like an odd statement. Ask any final year student or recent graduate THAT question, “what are you doing next year?”, and you’ll see the same look of fear and intimidation in our eyes. But potential graduate options and existential fear aside, no one really talks about the emotional turmoil of closing a chapter of your life.

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A Love Letter to Glasgow University and the Last Six Years


Driving down Great Western Road, my life in boxes in the back of my Mums car ready to personalise my standard design room in student halls, I felt small. Glasgow was a big deal for a wee girl from Crieff, a town of around 6000 population where everyone knew everyone’s business. I should have been excited. It was the moment I’d been waiting for. University, where I would finally become the gorgeous, popular and self assured woman I was destined to be.

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Sobriety is an increasingly common lifestyle choice, not just a fundraising gimmick

kermit-1651325_960_720Originally published in the Glasgow Guardian, Issue 2 2015/2016

“Are you not drinking tonight?”

Since the new academic year began, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked this question as I stand at the bar, ordering my new drink of choice, a J2O. The Go Sober for October challenge, where participants give up alcohol for the month of October in return for charity sponsorship, has hit campus this year on a far greater scale than in previous years. The QMU’s Charities and Campaigns Committee are taking part, in aid of their charity of the semester, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Given the prevalence of alcohol in the typical student experience, it’s not hard to see why people are confused when I tell them it was my choice, sans sponsorship, to give up alcohol.

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Who You Not Gonna Call?


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As a teenager, I feared nothing more than being dumped by text. This was considered the ultimate embarrassment, and it seemed to become commonplace as everyone gained access to a Nokia 3410. But dating trends move on just as fast as technology, and my hours spent poring over Mizz magazine failed to prepared me for the cruelty of ‘ghosting’, a social faux pas of such a scale it’s earned its own Urban Dictionary definition.

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